Being Adept

Topics for Parents

Specifically Designed Parent Evenings

Being Adept professionals ensure that parents receive the training they need to engage in an ongoing, vital dialog with their children. Research on emotionally healthy teens point to the need for specific parenting practices. Building the kind of connection that keeps kids close while at the same time, honoring the individuation and separation process is a challenging yet critical element of effective parenting. Before parents’ voices become marginalized by their children’s ever-present world of text messaging and social media, we help you build a foundation for communication. Parents will leave this program equipped with the tools, strategies and protocols to raise healthy teens.

  • How to talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol
  • How to talk about your own use
  • Understand national stats and local stats;
  • Understand drugs of choice in your community
  • Understand risk factors and protective factors
  • Leave with a “parent guide”
  • View role play scenarios to help guide your parenting

“I loved that it was solution oriented and armed us with many ways to talk with our kids about drugs and alcohol.” 

“Being Adept offers clear, accurate information while providing practical strategies.” 
Mary Jo Pettegrew, Superintendent Kentfield School District



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