Being Adept

Lesson Topics for Students

Enabling Students to Make Good Decisions

From 5th through 9th grades, adolescents are learning to assert their independence and grapple with increasing social pressure. Working from this reality, Being Adept helps students become the agents of their own smart, healthy, decisions. Our research-based curriculum presents developmentally appropriate lessons with the goals of increasing specific knowledge about drugs and alcohol and raising awareness of their harm.

  • The science of addiction
  • Brain Basics – what brain do you want?
  • The science inside alcohol & nicotine addiction
  • Cutting edge research on the effects of Marijuana
  • Decoding the Media
  • The science of opiates and ecstasy
  • The science of stimulants & sedatives
  • The science of hallucinogens
  • Prescription Drug Use
  • Peer Pressure
  • Managing stress in proactive ways
  • Two minute Yoga

“I thought it was interesting to learn about how yoga helps calm you down and breathe.” 
Sophie – 6th grader

“I liked the media lesson. It was very interactive.” 
Jane – 7th grader 

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