Being Adept

The Program

A Program for Students & Parents:
Importance of Starting the Discussion Early

Being Adept is a school-based, multi-component prevention program for students and their parents. The classroom curriculum is science and research-based as well as holistically focused.  Parent evenings with Being Adept professionals ensure that parents receive the training they need to engage in an ongoing, vital dialog with their children. 

Research shows that youth begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol as early as the 5th grade, which is when our program is introduced to parents and pre-teens.

“It was interesting to learn how dopamine works in the brain.”
Finn – 6th grader

“Thanks to Being Adept my kids are armed with the facts and ugly realities of drugs and alcohol as they enter into their high school years where the risks of drug and alcohol use are high.” 
Parent of an 8th grader

Instruction & Curriculum

Our instructors include experts in the fields of science, medicine, behavioral health and law enforcement, as well as youth leaders well suited to connect with kids on a personal levelLessons are engaging and interactive.  They are designed with input from the University of San Francisco, UC San Diego and UC Berkeley.   

“It was the first program that I’ve seen that really let the parents know what they should” be doing without apology for political correctness.  I appreciate that and think it’s a new fresh approach.” 
Parent of an 8th grader

“The brain scan the nurse showed last week had an ENORMOUS impact on him. He’s brought it up many times.” 
Parent of a 6th grader

Download the Being Adept Program Information in pdf format