Being Adept

About Us

The Challenge 

Statistics show a troubling rise in alcohol and drug use among youth in recent years, including spikes in marijuana, ecstasy and prescription drug use. At the same time, youth-oriented substance prevention programs are in decline. New media and our children’s peers have filled this vacuum and, as a result, children are being exposed to and given access to addictive substances at increasingly early ages  

The best prevention for teenage substance abuse begins well before adolescents ever consider using drugs or alcohol. Early middle school is the time to get out in front of this issue and influence decision making. Research shows that youth begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol as early as the 5th grade.

Mission & Why We Are Different

The mission of Being Adept, a research and science based nonprofit organization, is to prevent alcohol and drug abuse among adolescents by empowering youth and parents to make informed choices.  Founded in 2010 by Jennifer Grellman, MS Counseling Psychology, we partner with 5th – 9th grade students and their parents on a multi-component prevention strategy that blends the latest scientific findings from behavioral health experts with interactive classroom lessons that have been survey-tested.
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Our Proven Approach & Program

It is an approach that has proven effective. UC San Francisco cited “significant increases” in knowledge about alcohol and drugs and the potential harms they cause following sessions using the Being Adept curriculum in an April 2011 preliminary study. Our expanded curriculum is currently the subject of a yearlong efficacy study by UC San Diego’s prestigious research department. Additional partners include Kaiser Permanente.
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Our Reach

Our growing program currently serves 3,000 students at eight public and private middle schools in three counties in California. We are one of the few research-based, survey-vetted programs in existence.   We make saying no to drugs and alcohol their choice rather than our demand.